The owners of Dough & Arrows, Brandon and Crystal Blevins have always dreamed about growing our Family and being parents. Becoming parents did not happen quickly for us.  After 11 years of infertility issues we were successful with IVF and finally heard the words "Congratulations you are pregnant". On October 30, 2018 Coltin Lee; our blonde hair blue eyed Little Man arrived. Coltin became the center of our world, we wanted to share with him all the beauty the world had to offer. The three of us went everywhere together. Our plan was for Crystal to be a stay at home mom,  we were just waiting on the right opportunity for for that dream to come true.

We became HUGE fans of Dough & Arrows when previous owners John and Amanda Watson created the iconic Dough & Arrows you know and love today. On the day we celebrated Coltins 1st birthday John and Amanda reached out to us to see if we were interested in purchasing Dough & Arrows. It did not take us long to say yes absolutely because this was the opportunity we have been waiting for. As we were training and learning how to be new owners we took Coltin into the shop many times. He absolutely loved it! When Coltin was sampling the cookie dough he always said "Yummy Yummy Yummy" and "Mmmm Mmmm". That is the moment we knew that we have made the right decision to purchase Dough & Arrows, for Coltin.

On December 8, 2019 just a handful of days before our official first day, our hearts were crushed when our son Coltin Lee unexpectedly passed away.  Coltin was only 13 months old, at that moment we became lost and unsure how to move forward. Our Friends, Family, and the Community began to flood us with support.  We received love and prayers from all over the world. In the 404 days, that Coltin was with us he touched so many lives; lives that he knew and that he didn't know. Our Little Man is now our Guardian Angel and is watching over us. 

In Dough & Arrows, on the wall, it says "An Arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When lifes dragging you down with difficulties; it means its going to Launch you into something great! Focus and keep Aiming." Life definitely had us down and this quote really hit home for us. We knew that no matter what we had to focus an continue with Dough & Arrows in memory of Coltin. We are going to keep aiming to make Dough & Arrows the best it can be and keep pointing those arrows forward as they guide us in life. We are going to continue to provide Hanover with delicious edible cookie dough, ice cream, and other tasty treats.

We welcome any suggestions, feedback, and your continued support.

Love, Brandon, Crystal, and our Angel Coltin Lee