Are you looking for a solid SWEET investment? DOUGH MY! We have an opportunity for you!

How would you like to own your very own DOUGH & ARROWS Edible Cookie Dough and Ice Cream shop? Dough & Arrows was established May 4, 2018 in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Since then we have expanded to have a Dough Trailer that is used as a portable location, and in Spring 2021 our second corporate store will be opening in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Dough & Arrows is very successful business today, we are up 121% in gross revenue from last year alone. We have adapted and overcome many challenges, improved recipes, changed our business model, and are now a leading Edible Cookie Dough & Ice Cream Dessert shop.

Many of our customers drive a great distance to our shop; we realize a small percentage of the World is actually getting to enjoy our products and there is a need more Dough & Arrows locations.  Dough & Arrows Edible Cookie Dough Ice Cream Shop should be in close proximity to everyone! 

Dough & Arrows is currently in the process of collecting interested Franchisees who would love to establish a sweet treat Franchise.  If you would like to discuss opening your very own Dough & Arrows shop or Territory as a Franchisee, please let us know by submitting the application below. The application is not a binding commitment; after you submission, we will be in touch shortly.

The form is a fillable PDF. Please complete and email to

In no time, you could be opening your very own Dough & Arrows!

Franchise Application Form