Brandon - Owner


I am a HUGE peanut butter fan. Our peanut butter paradise dough is my most absolute favorite! Chocolate Marble is my choice of Ice Cream with Bittersweet Mint as close second.

I have been in public safety for over 17 years which has allowed me to serve our local communities.  I love hunting, fishing, and just being outdoors.  Since we have owned Dough & Arrows, I have enjoyed seeing all the smiles we bring to customer faces.  Since our refined recipes and products truly stand above our competition our goal is for everyone in the world to try Dough & Arrows edible cookie dough.

Crystal - Owner

I have always had a passion for serving the community from donating my time to raising money through fundraisers. I am always putting others before myself and look for ways to brighten someones day.

I love to experience and taste new things and I absolutely love to travel! My husband and I have been on some amazing adventures together. I love Peanut Butter M&M Cookie Dough and Death by Chocolate ice cream.

Coltin - Our Angel

Thank you for supporting my Mommy and Daddy. Dough & Arrows means a lot to them. I was lucky enough to be on this Earth for 404 days till I passed away and became their Guardian Angel.

My favorite Cookie Dough is the basic batch which is now known as Coltin's Batch. It is "Yummy, Yummy," as I said every time I ate it. My hobbies included playing with my ducky "quack quack", my doggie Nash, and oinking. My parents, pappy's, nana, grandmas, grandpas, and all my friends meant the world to me.

Love, Your Guardian Angel Coltin

Nicole - Support Staff

Hi, I’m nicole. I am a junior at Delone Catholic High School. I am the varsity catcher for my high school and rec ball teams. When not at work you can find me listening to music, working out, soaking up the sun, or hanging out with friends and family. 

My favorite ice cream flavor is Coffee and my favorite dough flavor is Sugar Cookie.




Sam & Brad - Leads

Hi Everyone! I am Samantha. I own and operate an in-home registered daycare full time on top of working at Dough & Arrows. I LOVE what I do! I volunteer at my local Fire Company, Make-A-Wish, help anyone who may need it, and spend time with my family. I also have 2 sons who work at Dough & Arrows (Travis and Logan).
My favorite ice cream is Happy Happy Joy Joy and my favorite sweet treat is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake.
Brad ~ I am a feed truck driver for Hillandale Farms and work on the Dough Trailer part time. I also volunteer for multiple Fire Companies and Make-A-Wish.  I enjoy riding motorcycles, working at happy ramblers, and being at dirt tracks.
My favorite ice cream is Peanut Butter Swirl and my favorite edible cookie dough is Peanut Butter Paradise... mmmm mmm

Kyle - Support Staff

My main hobbies are that I'm mostly into gaming. Any type of gaming I'm into. I'm also into drawing and baseball every once and a while. Speaking of baseball, for the last 6 years I've played in a small McSherrystown league. While I'm not big into making music, I definitely enjoy listening to music either during work, hobbies or just lying around.

My favorite type of ice cream is probably either vanilla or anything with peanut butter/reese's in it. My favorite dough is guaranteed to be chocolate chip cookie dough.

Tammy - Lead

I'm Tammy. I'm married for 31 years to my husband Scott and we have 2 grown sons, Tyler and Collin. I have worked at UPMC Hanover for over 30 years.

I Enjoy family gatherings and volunteering for Relay for Life and Operation Clause. I love making others happy! My favorite Dough and Arrows ice cream is black raspberry and dough is cookies and cream

Alivia - Support Staff

Hi, my name is Alivia. I am currently a freshman at Bermudian Springs.  I am in the art program. I also am a varsity cheerleader for all seasons. Speaking of cheer, I have been cheering and dancing my whole life. I am also a main flyer on the squad.

If I am not working, you can find me in the Mountains on a trail, or on a beach, tanning and collecting sea shells. I also love to workout.  I am the owner of two bunnies and one dog, who loves attention.  When i’m older I would love to be in the Medical field. Most importantly, my favorite ice cream flavor is Cotton Candy, and my favorite dough is Brownie Batter.

Logan - Support Staff

My name is Logan and I am a Junior at New Oxford High School. I work as support staff for Dough & Arrows in the Hanover shop as well as on the Dough Trailer. When I am not working at Dough & Arrows I am working on the farm, and I enjoy hanging out with friends.
My favorite ice cream is Peanut Butter and my favorite edible cookie dough is Ginger Snap and Sugar Cookie!

Heather - Lead

I enjoy the ability to be creative at work. My hobbies outside of work include camping, traveling, and spending time with friends/family. I also have a puppy who loves to play outside on my days off work. The most important goal I have for myself is to continue finding and keeping a healthy work/life balance for myself and my family.

My favorite treats from Dough & Arrows include Bittersweet Mint Ice Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Travis - Lead

I am a senior at New Oxford High School.  At Dough & Arrows I work as a lead and I also work on the Dough Trailer at Community Events. In my spare time I enjoy working on the farm and milking cows. I also enjoy sports and being athletic.

My favorite Ice Cream is Death by Chocolate!

Misty - Lead

Hi, my name is Misty. I am married and have been with my husband for 21 years (we met in highschool).
My hobbies include work, work, work! (I have a total of 4 jobs ?). In my free time I enjoy going to the races to watch my husband race, catching up with family and friends along with many other things... I love to stay busy!

I listen to all genres of music. I also love to travel and do it as much and as often as I can. I've been to St. Lucia, Bermuda, Hawaii, Alaska, along with most of the continental US. I would love to do more travel overseas.

For my full time job, I am a Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS) and have been in the field for 11 years. Side hustles include Dough & Arrows, Trail-way Speedway and Traveling Vineyards.

Favorite ice cream flavors include Raspberry, cookies and cream, cookie dough, peanut butter anything, and many more. Its to hard to pick a favorite. Favorite cookie dough - Oatmeal Raisin.